Birch Haven Senior Living
About Us Page

The Birch Haven Senior Living campus has four buildings located on an upper and lower campus. It has plenty of room to grow as a happy and healthy assisted-living environment for the older residents of Ashland. Timbers Edge and Bears Hollow are on our upper campus at: 1500 - 10 street W. Falcons Crest and Eagles Ridge are part of our lower campus at 224 - 22 Avenue W. and are about 2 blocks from beautiful Lake Superior. The two campuses are about 12 blocks apart. The upper campus has the capacity to house as many as 29 residents between the two buildings, and the lower campus has the capacity to house as many as 22 residents between their two buildings. Currently, between the upper and lower campus, Birch Haven Senior Living has room for 51 residents.

Birch Haven Senior Living can help people with a wide range of abilities and disabilities.  Focusing on the elderly population, we also offer services for the elderly who have special needs such as: physical disabilities, mental illness, dementia, use wheelchairs, are quadriplegics and have depression and/or anxiety.  Some of the elderly residents may come in needing very minimal services and then as their abilities decline, Birch Haven Senior Living can assist them all of the way up into nursing home care.

Birch Haven Senior Living staff includes:  an Administrator, Director of Nursing, RN/LPN nursing staff, FT Driver,  FT Activities Director, maintenance, and clerical. The staff at Birch Haven Senior Living also does the home cooking every day for the 3 meals that we serve.  Our meals are made from a recipe book and cooked daily in each of the individual homes.  All of our homes have their own kitchen and dining room where 3 meals and 2 snacks are served daily.  Each home also has their own sitting area and TV area with couches.  A bed, dresser, and end table are supplied for each resident but residents are also encouraged to bring in their own personal belongings to help make it as homey as possible for them.  Birch Haven Senior Living also has a bus that is used to take residents to and from their medical appointments.  In addition, three daily activities are available for the residents to participate in.

Each of our buildings at Birch Haven Senior Living is unique in its own way.  We have single and double rooms, cable hook-up in each room, along with a telephone jack in each room (residents are responsible for Phone/Internet hook up), bath and shower rooms, single and shared bathrooms.  For safety purposes, all of the bathing and showering facilities in each building are shared.  Some rooms also have a private patio attached.

Birch Haven Senior Living opened on June 1, 2011 under the new management of owners Jim and Kathy Birchem of Little Falls, Minnesota.  Since then, our Administrator, Dale Kelm, purchased this community in Febuary, 2014.